Donations made in the donation portal of Tallinn University of Technology are used by the person in charge of the project for the purposeful implementation of the project. The broader goal of all donation-collecting projects on the portal is to support Tallinn University of Technology in accordance with the University’s development plan. SA Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund has been established by Tallinn University of Technology. The purpose of the fund is to contribute to the development of the university and its students. Read the foundation’s statutes here.

Purpose of projects
  • Supporting the image and operation of an innovative and entrepreneurial university.
  • Supporting today’s advanced infrastructure upgrades.
  • Supporting projects that convert teaching and learning into an experience of success.
  • Supporting sustainable, responsible and high-level and outstanding research groups and researchers.
  • Supporting university culture and sports projects.
  • Supporting projects supporting the development of the green economy and recycling solutions.
  • Supporting the issuing of student scholarships and the study, culture and business projects of the student body.
  • Supporting alumni movement projects.

Through the donation portal, exclusively projects related to Tallinn University of Technology (including administrative support structures, cultural and sports clubs, student groups) are financed. You can make a one-time donation or make a fixed monthly payment. It is possible to make a donation conveniently, where the donor is directed to an online bank or credit card payment form with pre-filled donation data selected by the donor through the contractual partner of Tallinn University of Technology. Donations will be received in the SA Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund account. In accounting, all projects are marked separately and easily separated. At the end of the project, the Development Fund of Tallinn University of Technology consolidates all receipts of one project and transfers them to the project account.

Income tax refund

The Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund is on the list of organizations with an income tax discount, that is, the donor can request an income tax refund from the donation. The foundation transmits the donation data to the Tax and Customs Board, and they are automatically reflected in the donor’s pre-filled income tax return.

Resolution of disputes

If the donor has claims regarding the donation environment, they must be sent to the e-mail address If the private donor and the donation environment cannot resolve the dispute by agreement, then the donor can apply to the Consumer Disputes Commission. You can familiarize yourself with the procedural conditions and submit an application here: The Consumer Disputes Commission is competent to resolve disputes arising from the contract concluded between the donor and the donation center. Review of the donor’s complaint by the committee is free of charge. The donor can turn to the European Union consumer dispute resolution platform. Disputes with a legal entity donor are primarily resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, the issue will be resolved in court in accordance with current laws.